The Year of Mad Macro

The Year of Mad Macro
12/21/2016 Mad Macro

We’ve had an exceptionally great year thanks to our wonderful, loyal customers! 2016 had so many awesome events and happenings, we don’t know where to begin. We’re going to reflect on a few key moments from this year. So please, sit back, relax and reminisce with us.

Giving Back

Throughout the year we participated in local charity events here in Las Vegas. The Yoga For Life and Candlelighter’s Kids events were definitely highlights of our year.

Yoga For Life helps children and families with special needs, disabilities, or disadvantages by offering them free yoga classes, helping them develop their bodies and minds.

The Candlelighter’s Kids half marathon benefits the Candlelighter’s Kids Childhood Cancer Foundation. Supporting runners of Candlelighter’s Kids was so much fun. We were happy to provide water and bars to runners of the half marathon.

We’re the 3rd Best Protein Bar of 2016!

Men’s Fitness Magazine was so kind as to rank us as the 3rd best protein bar of 2016! They reviewed our Mad Man + Protein Brownie bar and praised our paleo bar recipe for it’s low sugar, high-protein content and overall healthy goodness. They recommended eating our bars as a snack or meal replacement. Read all about the Men’s Fitness Magazine review in our blog. 

We Launched Cereal (That You Love!)

This year we extended our product line to include two crunchy, delicious, high protein, gluten-free, paleo friendly breakfast cereal options. We introduced Banana Coconut Crunch and Blueberry Coconut Crunch cereals, and received rave reviews.

We went back to the basics when creating this cereal, using simple and natural ingredients. We steered clear of artificial sweeteners, colors, dyes and preservatives commonly found in commercially produced cereals, resulting in our deliciously crunchy macronutrient dense cereal.

Our customers like to add fresh berries to create the perfect morning or late night snack, and that they’re happy to finally have a good cereal option for their family to eat.

What’s Next?

We’ve got a lot in store for 2017. We’re going to continue to sponsor local events, change up our product mix, introduce new and delicious flavors, and most importantly, deliver high-quality bars and cereals to our customers.

See you in 2017!


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  1. running addict 2 years ago

    had a great time at this event and tried Mad Macro for the first time.

  2. Paul. T 2 years ago

    wow what a great year for such a new company 🙂 congratulations

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