Marissa’s Testimonial: “I Love Mad Macro!”

Marissa’s Testimonial: “I Love Mad Macro!”
10/13/2017 Mad Macro
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Meet Marissa – she leads a healthy lifestyle & loves Mad Macro! Marissa was kind enough to fill us in about why she loves Mad Macro protein bars and how she incorporates them into her busy schedule.  

Thank you Marissa!

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Marissa - Customer Testimonial

From Marissa: A delicious protein bar I can eat for a meal that is filled with healthy ingredients and will keep me full; that is exactly what I was looking for when I came across Mad Macro bars. It’s hard to find a delicious protein bar that has just enough in it to satisfy your tastebuds and your hunger. Mad Macro Bars do just that! I love that they are made with Tahini and not fruit based.

While I love my fruit based protein bars, sometimes you just need and want the fats and protein! I love Mad Macro and all of the flavors taste like perfection! I typically will use these bars as a meal replacement after a strength training workout because it’s ingredients are great for recovery.

I also like these bars for an on-the-go breakfast item, especially mornings when I have to skip a workout, because they are not high in carbs and have nothing processed. These bars keep me full and satisfied until lunch time! I absolutely love them and I recommend them to anyone looking for a clean protein bar!

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