Catherine’s Testimonial & Health Journey

Catherine’s Testimonial & Health Journey
07/13/2017 Mad Macro
In Fitness, Healthy Living

We love hearing from our customers! Catherine sent us this fantastic email about how she uses Mad Macro protein bars to keep her diet in-check and healthy (even when she travels!).

Catherine discovered Mad Macro protein bars at a local coffee shop in Las Vegas, NV and has been hooked ever since. Congratulations on achieving a healthy lifestyle, and finding a fitness routine and diet routine that works for you. We’re happy to be part of your regime!

Read more about Catherine below:

I started doing CrossFit last August (at age 51!). After a few months, I started wondering if I was struggling because of the natural process of age or because of my nutrition. I have been vegan for about 4 years and had slowly slipped in to being more of a “junk food vegan” instead of a healthy one. (I can eat chips and salsa and an Amy’s frozen pizza and still be vegan, right?)

I stared working with a nutritionist and what a difference. I had to give up all the processed foods I loved, which was hard, but it is worth it. I saw your sign in Desert Wind Coffee and tried your bars. I am very impressed.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for working diligently to provide a clean source of protein in a convenient way! Traveling can be difficult on the new plan I am on and I will be taking your products with me in the future! I wish you much success and will be sure to tell everyone I know about you and your company, Best, Catherine

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