4 Benefits of Going Grain-Free

4 Benefits of Going Grain-Free
09/26/2017 Mad Macro

The Paleo Diet. The South Beach Diet. The Atkins Diet. The Ketogenic Diet. The Whole30 Diet. Low-carb diets in general.

What do all of these ways of eating have in common (we don’t like to use the word “diet”, as a diet is temporary; a way of eating is a long-term lifestyle choice)? All the ways of eating (WOEs) listed above avoid grains as a means to achieve a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

But Why?

Why does each of these WOEs (ways of eating) avoid or restrict grains? Let’s explore 4 benefits of removing grains from your WOE.

Energy Boost

We’re all busy with work and family, why let your diet weigh you down? When you’re eating grains on the regular, you’ll notice a sluggish feeling, an overall lack of energy and an increased lethargic state. When grains are cut from a WOE, it’s common to experience increased energy levels, giving you a much-needed boost.   Increased energy is experienced because your mind is not clouded with gliadin (a class of protein found in grains) and increases levels of natural serotonin levels.

Less Moody

Removing grains naturally promotes healthy brain activity (mentioned above). Healthy brain activity promotes a happier mindset, resulting in an improved quality of mental being.

No Mental Fogginess

When most people remove grains from their WOE, a reduction in mental fog is commonly noted. Concentration is improved, critical thinking ability soars and overall mental clarity occurs.

Less Bloating

When grains are removed from WOEs, reduced bloating is a common (and welcomed) side effect. If fewer grains are consumed, glycogen stores are eliminated, resulting in your body flushing out “water weight”.

Now What? No Grains Ever Again?

Certainly not. We’re all humans with busy schedules; maintaining a grain-free lifestyle “forever” is not realistic. Grain consumption should be based on which WOE you’re following and personal health goals. If you divert from your WOE and indulge in family pizza night, get back on track the next day and give 110%.

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