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#MacroMinute: Acorn Squash Mash Shepherds Pie

#MacroMinute: Acorn Squash Mash Shepherds Pie
05/20/2017 Mad Macro

#madmacrominute #lifeagainstthegrain is about eliminating processed carbs/grains from the diet and replacing them with nutrient dense foods.

Acorn squash mash shepherds pie recipe

2 lbs or organic 100% grass-fed ground beef
-Organic celery, carrot, onion, garlic 1/2 cabbage and 1 leak

2 organic acorn squash cut in half and roasted 1 hr at 400

Brown meat and veggies in a big pot, add some red wine, hot sauce, Dijon mustard S&P Italian seasonings, paprika

Cook down to almost not liquid

Put meat and veggies in a baking dish, top with acorn mash. Bake in the over 20 mins at 350 then broil till brown on top.

Serve with a kale salad with lots of veggies.

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