Paleo Cereal

  • Mar112017
    mad macro strawberry coconut crunch cereal

    New Cereal Launch: Strawberry Coconut Crunch

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  • Feb042017

    February #howyoumacro Giveaway

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  • Dec212016

    The Year of Mad Macro

    We’ve had an exceptionally great year thanks to our wonderful, loyal customers! 2016 had so many awesome events and...

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  • Nov092016
    Mad Macro Retail Locations in Las Vegas, NV - Paleo-Friendly Protein Bars and Paleo Cereals

    Find Mad Macro Paleo Bars & Cereals in More Stores!

    In August, we posted our excitement about Mad Macro paleo-friendly protein bars being available in two new retail locations...

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  • Oct132016
    Mad Macro Paleo Friendly Cereals - Paleo Lifestyle Food

    Paleo Cereal Launch

    We’re pleased to announce our new paleo-friendly cereal! Our paleo cereal is free of artificial sweeteners, colors, dyes, and preservatives...

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