Our protein bars & cereals are simple: real ingredients and all natural.

What does it take to live an active lifestyle and maintain a healthy diet on-the-go when you don’t have time to prepare every meal to your high standards? In today’s society, a simple solution is essential: Mad Macro’s line of all natural protein bars and protein cereals!

Meet “Mad Macro”: the macronutrient-balanced, nutrient dense protein bars and protein cereals. Mad Macro products are grain-free, dairy-free and made with high quality nutrient-dense ingredients as nature intended. Paleo Approved. 

Macronutrients are required in large amounts for living organisms to survive and thrive. The human race used to understand this. The paleo diet of early man consisted solely of real and natural foods. In recent decades, the Western diet has drifted increasingly farther away from this. With a focus on cheap and plentiful yet highly processed foods, the quantity and balance of macronutrient in our diets has deteriorated. Too many of our dietary options are foods high in processed sugars, soy, corn, and other non-macronutrient rich components. Mad Macro is revamping this ancient idea of natural, healthy, paleo food in the modern world. Our goal is to put a dent in the conventional American diet, one healthy and delicious bite at a time.

“Life against the grain”

Is not just our corporate slogan—it’s our ethos, literally and figuratively. Our protein bars and protein cereals adhere to a strict a diet plan that precludes grains from our recipes, and we strive to buck conventional trends that have led to modern-day diseases and the deterioration of our general health.

We are Mad Macro and we Live Life Against the Grain.